How can Solatube Daylighting Systems help you with your remodeling projects?


Bathrooms are the place where we get ready for the day. It’s where we find ourselves before any other room, and where our days are made. A dark bathroom can put a damper on the entirety of your day. Bright, clear light is crucial to make sure that your hair hasn’t frizzed out, that your make-up is on right, and that you’re wearing blue instead of black. A Solatube Daylighting System delivers pure light that makes it easier on your eyes to discern the little details that make up the rest of the day.

natural lighting co altera bathroom

Just imagine how much easier these everyday tasks become:

  • reading medicine bottles
  • applying make-up
  • styling your hair
  • tying a tie
  • brushing your teeth

It’s been shown over and over that sunlight is crucial to health and happiness. By having it in the first room you really spend time in the morning, you can improve your mood and your health by soaking up the first rays of the sun.


Bedrooms are a place for relaxation. It is, in itself, a healing chamber where we sleep and our bodies recover and regain their strength. A dark, unlit room is a cave, not a place for relaxation. Though it is a room that we don’t spend the most time during the day in, natural daylighting can improve the ambiance of the room while filtering the wonderful benefits of sunlight.

At night, the Solatube Daylighting System is darkened; it does not store energy or light. This makes  it perfect for the bedroom, where it can light-up the room during the day and literally “sleep” at night. On full moons, it gives off a soft glow that is relaxing but not intrusive.


natural lighting co 290 DS Closet_columbus

Have you ever gone into your closet, grabbed a shirt that you thought was black, and found out later that it was a dark blue or a dark green? Have you ever had a morning where you wore two different colored shoes because you thought that the egg-shell and the light blue were the same? Have you put on a tie that you thought was patterned with sailboats only to find out that they were, in fact, duckies?

Lighting in the closet is crucial. Dark closets lead to mismatched items, lost clothes, and booby-traps of memorabilia just waiting for you to stub your toes on.  Well-lit closets lead to happy days of perfectly-matching clothes, and significantly less ridicule from co-works about the ties you thought you’d thrown away.

So the next time you go into your closet and see a darkness so deep that even it takes exploration equipment just to find your clothing, think about adding a Solatube Daylighting System to your closet. The natural daylight will improve your mood and the vibrancy of your clothing.


Tools come in every size imaginable, and without good lighting, what’s to stop you from grabbing a ¾ inch ratchet instead of a ½ inch ratchet?

Hobbies such as building cars and models and woodworking all require light to see those absolutely tiny details.

And even if your garage is being used for something as simple as a laundry room, good lighting is crucial to see if there were soak-streaks left on your delicates.

When considering what type of lighting to add to your man-cave, consider adding daylighting to your room. Natural daylighting enhances any space with the amazing power of the sun.


natural lighting co 290DS kitchen_chicago

Imagine: You are making a cake for your daughter. It’s a lovely, three tiered cake, and you have gone through the trouble to make roses in her favorite shade of pink. Only, the light in your kitchen isn’t great, and as you bring it out to her, you realize the roses aren’t so much pink as a strange shade of purple, and she hates purple. What are you going to do?

All of this could have been avoided by using Solatube Daylighting Systems in your kitchen. The natural light that Solatube Daylighting Systems capture radiates throughout interior spaces, giving them a clean, clear light unparalleled throughout the lighting world. The technology lining the Solatubes are the most reflective in the world, which make the light they give off the purest outside of nature.

So the next time you’re baking a cake, or cooking a meal, or simply eating leftovers, and you realize that you can’t see every detail, every color, that is in your dish, think of adding a Solatube Daylighting System.