Cool ventilation solutions for your home.

From living spaces to your garage, attic and even sheds, We provides ventilation fans to deliver fresh air so you feel great and your home stays cool and protected.


Whole House Fans

Whole house fans will pull the fresh, outside air into your living space through your windows, and push stale, indoor air out through your attic vents. So you don’t just recirculate air in your home (as with air conditioning). You replace it with fresh air. Over and over.

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Solar Star Attic Ventilation Fans

Automatically activates when temperatures reach approximately 85° F and deactivates when temperatures drop below 65° F. Easily installs on all Solar Star models.

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Garage Fans

At Solatube, we have both powered and solar ventilation solutions to remove heat and fumes from any garage and bring in cool, outside air.

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