Garage Fans


Garage Fans

At The Natural Lighting Company, we have both powered and solar ventilation solutions to remove heat and fumes from any garage and bring in cool, outside air.




You have many uses for your garage.

We have many ways to keep it cool.

Whether you’re working on your car, your fitness or your next great project, you want to keep the heat out. At The Natural Lighting Company, we have the garage fans to make it happen and keep you comfortable.

Solutions for every garage configuration.

Solar Roof Mount Garage Fan

When the sun beats down on your open-ceiling garage’s roof and heats up the garage, Solatube’s RM 1500 or RM 2400 roof-mounted solar fan is an ideal solution. It runs all day without using any electricity so you keep the entire space cool with no cost to operate. Perfect for either pitched or flat roof homes.

Powered Garage Fan

For finished garages with attic space above them, you want to keep both spaces cool to keep yourself comfortable and your home protected from the elements. Solatube’s powered garage fan pulls hot air out of the garage and attic while bringing cool air in from the outside. Perfect for pitched roof homes.

Finished or unfinished garage,

we have a solution for you