We at the Natural Lighting Company are thrilled with the newest trend in daylighting. This new trend is called Sunspots. We are bringing natural light into a room via a wall instead of a ceiling. These unique Sunspots are great for lighting up dark corners, adding a unique decorative flair, or for giving the perfect ambiance to a room, especially rooms such as libraries, studies, and reading rooms. Bright and cheery spots, these Sunspots can enhance any nursery, daycare, or school room, creating an uplifted mood.

If you’re looking for a conversation spot in your business complex, add a Sunspot. Interior decorators can use these to change and enhance any room. Even the decorative-impaired can make their home look professionally remodeled just by adding a Sunspot.

*Due to construction limitations, Sunspots have very specific areas that they can and cannot be used in. To see if a Sunspot will work in the place you want, please give us a call or come by our show room and we’ll discuss your project.

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