Radiance Home Services is here to help you with all your small to medium home repairs. With our team of professionals, we show up on time, fix it right the first time, and leave you with a sense of relief in your new repair. Our reliable, courteous repair personnel will make sure you are completely satisfied with the results, and your family will appreciate you being able to spend more time with them!

We offer repairs services for things like:

  • General Home Repair & Maintenance
    • including (changing light bulbs, replacing window and door screens…)
  • Seasonal Maintenance
    • including (cleaning out gutters, installing and removing holiday lights…)
  • Demolition & Hauling
    • including (removing tree branches…)
  • Preventative Home Care
    • including (caulking around windows and bathtubs…)
  • Rental Make Ready and Repair
    • including (general empty house cleaning and small repairs such as replacing toilet-bowl handles, fixing leaky sinks…)

We don’t worry about remodeling jobs; that’s not our focus. Our focus is helping families with those little, everyday repairs that stack up and never seem to get done, but are so necessary for a happy home. Since we are hourly, you can make your entire honey-do list and have us check off the items with you, one by one, until the list is completed!

And since we’re New Mexico based, we understand the weather and how it can affect your home. Our sunshine is one of our best features in this state, but it can be a bit devastating. We can help with outdoor chores, too, to make sure you home is ship-shape, inside and out.

Not sure if we can do the repair you need? Give us a call today at (505) 900-4541 and let us give you a free estimate!