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When your customer wants daylight in their house or remodel, consider us as your solution, for both installations or DIY options. You can send your customer into our showroom and allow them to see what their final product will be, so they don’t have to guess what it’s going to look like.

If you’re considering a kitchen, remember food looks better and more easy to prepare under bright, natural daylight.

Are you doing a bathroom remodel? Consider placement over a vanity or inside a shower.

Expanding the closet? Daylighting systems help your customer tell the difference between their black and blue clothes.

Is this the first time you’ve done this? Let our sales staff answer all of your questions. Everyone is trained in our showroom to answer questions, so don’t go at it alone: allow us to help you!

When you come to the showroom, mention you’re a contractor, and we’ll tell you about any specials we’re currently offering.

New Construction:

For new construction we want to come out and rough-in the flashings on the roof once the deck is installed, but prior to ducting, installation, has been installed. This way we can use the homeowners preferred spot for their daylighting needs. Once the ceiling have been taped, textured, and painted, we will come back and complete the installation of your Solatube Daylighting System. This will require coordination of the job superintendent with our office staff.



Reroofing when Solatube Daylighting Systems are already installed:

If you have an existing Solatube Daylighting System already installed, please call us as soon as you know you’re reroof, so we can speak with your contractor, so we can coordinate for you so we can come out, disassemble your Solatube, put down new flashings, and once your roof is completed, we will come back out, reinstall the Solatubes, clean them so that they give you the same beautiful lighting you’ve always had.

If you want to add Solatube Daylighting System while reroofing, we will come out the same day the roofing company does, do the layout, cut the holes in the roof, tack the roof flashings in place, and allow your roofing contractor to complete the reroof. Once the roofing is done, we will come out and install the final Solatube system. Please call us as soon as you have chosen a roofing contractor, so we may coordinate so that we can make your reroofing and daylighting installation as easy as possible.

If you’ve recently reroofed, and you still want to add daylight, don’t worry! We can do that for you. If you’re roof is still under warranty, you will need to contact your roofing company and let them know you are looking to add daylighting with The Natural Lighting Company, and we will talk to your roofing company to coordinate everything, so you don’t void your warranty. We will still give you a 5-year warranty for the leak-proof aspects in the area we have put the Solatube in.

Thinking of reroofing and don’t want to wait for our skylights to go in? Not  a problem! Just call us and we can discuss your situation with you. 

Are you thinking about removing your traditional skylights while reroofing? Want to replace them with Solatube Daylighting Systems? The best time to do that is while reroofing, and that will require a few other tradesmen. You will need your roofer to cut down  the traditional skylight curb and deck that opening (the traditional skylight opening). We will then locate the new Solatube Daylighting System location and cut the hole on the roof. You will need a contractor to repair the existing opening in your ceiling, and once that has been taped, textured, and painted, we can come back in and finish the installation.


If your remodel is going to involve the ceilings to be removed, please call us in advance so we can come out and take detailed drawings and potentially rough in the Solatube from the roof top, and then once the ceilings have gone back up, tape, textured, and painted, we will come back and finish the installation. If your ceilings are going to stay intact during the remodel, we would like to come out and do the installation so that you can have natural daylight to complete your remodel.