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“After much hemming and hawing on our part – and infinite patience on the part of The Natural Lighting Company – we finally took the plunge and couldn’t be happier with the results.  The transition from the darkest room in our house to the brightest has been transformative, and the night light provides just enough light not to bump into the furniture without being obtrusive or obnoxious.  The installation team was thorough and meticulous, taking special care to prevent dust and dirt from escaping their work area.  By the time they were done folding their drop cloths you couldn’t tell someone had spent the past two hours cutting through plaster and roof.  We’re already thinking about where we’d like the next installation!” 

Christina C

Dear Brooke,
I am enjoying my skylights very much.  I want to express my thanks to your staff for the excellent service and workmanship.  I appreciate the professional and courteous manner of everyone involved.

John, July 2012


“Hello I am John Campsall. Both my wife Annette and I would like to make a testimonial to your company. We have now completed two separate installations. Our first was one skylight and one solar attic fan. We found ourselves adjusting to the new light in our family room. For about two weeks we were going to the light switch and of course there isn’t one. We get beautiful light in that room now and that can not help but save money. The attic fan has been fantastic. This home was built about 12 years ago and I personally have lived here for six years. Every summer we used our swamp cooler, which is a very big/efficient swamp cooler. Most years we found it not very cool in the heat above 93 F. After the installation of the attic fan we were more than pleasantly surprised to find that in 104 F the home remained an easy 86 F in doors. We are extremely satisfied to say the least.

Our second installation was two 14 inch skylights. One in the garage and the other in the kitchen. How wonderful it is to have the extra lighting and to have not found any reason to turn on our electric lights in the daytime. In the past we have had to use lighting in the home at all times of the day.

The last thing is, your company has been terrific in both the purchase of your installations and the courtesy of your employees. Thank you very much and we will be calling you again.”




“To date I have had 8 solatubes installed by Natural Lighting, 5 in my former house and 3 where I live now. I am about to get a 4th one here. If my house were just a bit bigger I would probably get more, but I don’t have the room. I have always been impressed by the courtesy, efficiency and professionalism of this company. Brooke and Don are the best! I know there are others who can install solatubes here in NM, but they are not authorized, and I bet they are nowhere near the high quality of service. This is an excellent excellent company!”


Eric, August 2013


“We’re doing our tubular skylight installation today – looking forward to a brighter kitchen!”


Mary, April 2015

“We love our solar tube but most of all the customer service is amazing! I am 100% pleased!”